Proposing Python trainings

February 20, 2009

After years of Plone training, I have been working on a Python course offering. That evolution makes sense since a wider group of people come to Python via Plone, and now I want to bring to the table the other interesting and useful bits of Python… Things like SQLAlchemy, web frameworks, system administration or data crunching techniques and tools, or simply exploiting the Python Standard Library.

There is probably a bunch of people interested by using Python for their daily work, and who need some training to get there.

If you are in that situation, feel free to contact me and let me know which type of course you would like and if I can help organize it for you. For maximum flexibility, you could choose among several options: a public class with several participants, a customized class for a group within your organization, or one or several coaching days to help approach problems within a project. I have already experienced any of these formats and they all work well.

If you are based in France, you might want to join the first public Python class we will be organizing in June for the french public.