Looking for a new job

May 12, 2011

Okay… so it’s been too frustating to be in a situation where you can only do half of what could be done, due to internal obstacles and inertia.

Now is the time for me to move on for some challenges where I get the passion back and can actually get things done.

I am looking for an opportunity to work again with a great team, where the mantra is something like “Promote Open Source, work with the community, deliver great products/solutions, promote Open Source…”
More specifically, I expect contributing to some great community projects out there, in particular in the Python web frameworks space.

A word about me: I’ve been a early fan and user of Plone for customer projects back then, and I’ve stayed around these last 2 years following how the Plone, Zope and Pylons communities have been improving their projects and processes. Definitely need to associate these projects to my next successes!

If you have an interesting proposal for me, including fixed-term position and freelance work, contact me and I will send you my CV.


Current job: Enter phase 2

August 23, 2010

I’ve now spent 10 months in my current job, and I owe to myself to stop today for a quick restrospective before moving to another phase.

The first period (phase 1) helped me understand the context and what can be done to bring value. Fortunately, a lot can be done, so the challenge is interesting. Also, I was lucky to quickly understand and accept that, in the current context, change could only happen progressively.

Saying that nothing interesting has happened so far with the projects I am in charge of, would not be true. But the whole process is too slow (or sometimes chaotic), for unnecessary reasons.

My phase 2 is going to involve more initiatives to pick up the pace on the projects and get things moving. Wish me good luck or my next related post will be about asking if someone has a job opportunity for me 😉

As for other news, I restarted developing for personal projects with my favourite CMS (which is preparing a new release). I wish all success to Plone 4 and the community. If you need a CMS for a critical/complex site project, Plone is undoubtly in the top 2 or 3. Also, we have a great community which opens to various technologies and development practices besides Plone such as Zope Toolkit, ZODB, Deliverance, deco.gs, and BFG, to only name a few.

Jumped in a new job and contemplating new challenges

November 21, 2009

I have recently quit Ingeniweb for a job in an international organization involved in the promotion of cultural diversity and sustainable development, to only mention two of its activity fields.

I am in charge of website projects (in the context of the Communication department). There is a lot to do, the first thing being understanding the context, the way things work here, and the people’s expectations.

As for the tools and technologies side of things, there is not currently anything Python-based here. PHP (SPIP) rules ! Well, I guess it’s perceived as easy and more importantly, skills exist everywhere (me looking in the direction of “web agencies”).
So, one of the interesting things will be to introduce Python, where it makes sense, in the not-too-far (hopefully) future. Anyway, I am confident that will happen one day. After all, it’s not always bad to be ahead of the time. You just have to wait, monitor, and talk to people everytime there is an opportunity. And you might be lucky and convince those who take the time to listen 😉