Current job: Enter phase 2

I’ve now spent 10 months in my current job, and I owe to myself to stop today for a quick restrospective before moving to another phase.

The first period (phase 1) helped me understand the context and what can be done to bring value. Fortunately, a lot can be done, so the challenge is interesting. Also, I was lucky to quickly understand and accept that, in the current context, change could only happen progressively.

Saying that nothing interesting has happened so far with the projects I am in charge of, would not be true. But the whole process is too slow (or sometimes chaotic), for unnecessary reasons.

My phase 2 is going to involve more initiatives to pick up the pace on the projects and get things moving. Wish me good luck or my next related post will be about asking if someone has a job opportunity for me 😉

As for other news, I restarted developing for personal projects with my favourite CMS (which is preparing a new release). I wish all success to Plone 4 and the community. If you need a CMS for a critical/complex site project, Plone is undoubtly in the top 2 or 3. Also, we have a great community which opens to various technologies and development practices besides Plone such as Zope Toolkit, ZODB, Deliverance,, and BFG, to only name a few.


One Response to Current job: Enter phase 2

  1. yboussard says:

    Hello Kamon,

    I am very happy for you that everything is going well and you back in the plone community.

    Regards Youenn.

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