Updating an old AT-based product for Plone 3 – Step 1: Using GenericSetup

I am spending some time to update the Archetypes Developer Manual on plone.org/documentation, so I can move forward in contributing on other stuff in the Doc Team tasks list.

If you are also in the situation of updating some old AT-based product for Plone 3, this might be useful to you.

The current version of our manual, in the part discussing a sample AT product called InstantMessage, is missing:

  • GenericSetup profile for setting types and subskins. This has been missing for a long time, so I decided to update it immediately.
  • ZCML-based registration for things such as FS Directory Views or class permissions and factory, which the current version of CMF permits.

I started updating the “InstantMessage” package’s code in this branch.

What was needed: Mainly replacing the old ‘Extensions/Install.py’ code by the needed GenericSetup profile XML files:

  • for content types:
  • profiles/default/types.xml
  • profiles/default/types/InstantMessage.xml
  • profiles/default/factorytool.xml
  • for the sub-skin: profiles/default/skins.xml

Then, you need a piece of code for loading the GenericSetup profile. You do that, nowadays, by adding a configure.zcml file at the root of the package with the following code:

<configure xmlns="http://namespaces.zope.org/zope"


       i18n_domain="instantmessage" >





       description="Extension profile for InstantMessage sample AT content type."




I think I can now update the manual to reflect the new setup code – pointing to a couple of GS-related tutorials that already exist on plone.org, and merge the updated branch of the code with the trunk so people can get this new version.

Next step: Introduce other ZCML-based registrations in the CMF/AT context. This update could wait for the “versions” feature support on plone.org so we add these details without loosing the text related to the old way of doing.


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