“Acceptance testing in Plone” talk today, by Maik Roeder, Plone conf 2007

Requirements he wants to address

  • Use case centered
  • Hight level
  • Readable
  • Reusable
  • Extensibility
  • Modularization

Acceptance Testing for Plone with Funittest

  • Write test first
  • Guarantie the quality of your Plone sites
  • Run in-browser acceptance tests: Selenium Remote Control (or Real TestBrowser).
  • Extensive library of reusable scripts, verbs, scenario, and tests

Development with Funittest

  • Documentation driven development
  • Start with the Use Cases
  • Write new use case scenarios or extensions
  • Write high-level, domain specific, vocabulary for each new user action
  • Functional tests reusing the scenarios


  • Prepare a site for tests. Define users, etc…
  • Custom presets

Data Providers (Test fixtures)

  • Collection of example data for the tests (an example exists for a standard Plone site)
  • Simple dictionary of dictionaries


  • Manual tests are acceptable. What’s important is to test !
  • Tests depend on the whole functional stack. You are testing that whole stack.

Verification steps

  • Catch state before
  • Change expected state
  • Execute verb
  • Compare expected state and real state

Other details about writing tests

  • Verbs
  • Scenarios, scenarios steps
  • Extension Points. Extend scenarios.
  • Scenarios can be used from Python code (interactively, can be useful to try scenarios/steps when coding)
  • Physical Model: The low-level part. The way you attack Selenium Remote Control.

If interested

  • Funittest is in the Collective
  • There is sprint planned at the end of the conference
  • Article on the subject by Andrea Jennitta: Brushing Up On Functional Test Effectivenes.
  • Book by Alistair Cockburn: Writing Effective Use Cases.

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