Preparing for the Plone conference

Since a few days, I have started focusing on my talks material.

Some details about the talks I will be giving:

  • Anti-patterns, patterns and rules of thumb for successful Plone projects. My subtitle for this talk is, well, “Things to avoid and things to do !”. It is difficult to give advices in this area, and any advice needs to be confronted to the real context. But it would be interesting to share ideas and feelings about how we (meaning User, Project Manager, Developer) better cooperate and get the job done for our projets. Hope to see you there !
  • The plateform, the framework and the coach. I will be advocating a “coaching” approach for helping technical teams, within the enterprise, to get on board and be able to develop/maintain their in-house applications.
  • Let the machine work for you. Using Plone 3 content rules… I will try to discuss interesting use case examples, and how you set up the content rules for them.

It’s the second Plone conference I will be attending ; I was in Vienna two years ago, and I know it’s a very special atmosphere ! I am coming with Encolpe, a colleague at Ingeniweb. See you all there !.

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